It so happened that Friday dev blog is now the most special part of the entire project able to distract you from both game and forum wars. That’s why I’d like be ahead of your questions about the releases date - you’ll know everything next week. Meanwhile you can keep on playing, fighting and bombing while early access is steadily approaching the release date.

Some may have noticed that it’s been a few days since we’ve finally received a new Oculus RIft. It’s more than the freshest version of the device - it is the public version, just like the one you can buy officially. The gadget is finally capable of headtracking, like TrackIR or others. So there’s a rather small task that remains to be completed - the final compatibility check. We’re now sure that Battle of Stalingrad will be released with complete compatibility with Oculus RIft VR.


The team has been working on the single player campaign (or AQM – advanced quick mission as we call it) for the whole week. The recent live stream shown on Friday was to demonstrate you some of the elements of that extensive mode. As you might guess, that’s a whole lot of work – to put that much content into this complicated system. You may have a lot of questions about this part of the project and you’ll find answers to many of them in the record of our latest live stream below

Along with AQM, we’re completing the other elements of the sim. Today’s update brings you the technical chat (or technochat, sounds impressive). Anyway this feature is to tell you what happens to your plane: gears are released, an engine suffers from overheating, all your gunners are extensively bleeding, and so on. And of course you can always turn those off if you’re so hardcore.


Some of you may still remember how convoy and train crews were running away from attacks from the air in old IL-2: 1946. Starting today you’ll be able to see a similar picture in BOS. To tell the truth, it’s only a first step on our way of bringing more life to the the scenery. But first things first. Meanwhile, the artillery units’ crews have also started to care about their safety and leave their post when the cannon is severely damaged.

Also we’ve finished work on several sim features this week: improved the automatic procedures of starting and stoping the engine (new sounds for it will be added next week), reaction of He 111 construction to combat damaged was fixed; inflamability of Pe-2 and He 111 was also corrected; some issues with the flare gun on German planes were taken care of.

Read more details on our forum.


Today we give you He 111 H-6 for the early access. This magnificent aircraft completes the IL2BOS hangar making it all 10 planes that we planned to create - and we did it. Still there is one BUT - we release it without bomb load this week. Next Friday update will contain necessary corrections

Also today we update the game version implementing massive changes in the multiplayer, improving its technical features. We count on performance improvement however we don't know yet how big this improvement will be. Also some technical issues are expected so don't be surprised if multiplayer mode crashes - we're testing the new system, it's still WIP.



This week has been rich in all sorts of events in the development. The late Friday update is an adequate proof of that.

We've started Early Access program for IL2BOS on Steam. Hopefully, it will help us make sure that the game runs smoothly and reliably which let’s you have fun playing it when released. There are two versions available for purchase - the regular one (Standard) and Deluxe edition (Premium). The extra planes La-5 and Fw 190 are also available as DLCs.