• Polish localization added;
  • A tree was removed from a runway near Davydovka;
  • Signal fires were moved to correct positions at the Illarionovsky airfield;
  • Model of the prop twist on FW 190 fixed;
  • The bug with sun filter on Ju 87 fixed;
  • Head plate shadow bug that appeares with a turret installed was fixed;
  • .....
Developer Blog #85

As you could have noticed already, we switched to a more regular schedule of weekly updates. New versions are released in the middle of each week, but Fridays remain to be the special time when we are ready to share some interesting and important news with you. It's one of these days today. First of all, we are going to change the limit of players on dedicated servers and make it 48 pilots per server. During a test period, hosts will be sharing the performance data with us, and the future of this setting is going to be determined by these results. This extra capacity may help the mission makers to create even more exciting experience for all pilots.

Secondly, we are working on the unflyable Ju-52, so here're 3 screenshots with it for you on the forum. Obviously, it's not complete yet. We'll keep you informed about the progress of its development during winter.


We've just released a new verion of the game; here's what we have for you this time:

  • Bomb sights on Pe-2 and He 111 were fixed in German localization;
  • Bomb drop interval and series of bombs settings added to Pe-2 and He 111 bomb sight interface;
  • A new command to wingmen added "Stay in formation and cover the leader";
  • Some graphical and interface issues with extra resolution modes were fixed (including some related to Matrox TH2Go);
  • .....

We present the new version today as well a small fix for the earlier one. One of the very important parts of this update is our fix for the older TrackIR devices.


The change log for v.1.004 is as follows:
1. German localization added;
2. The menu of radio commands, gestures and commands to gunner added, use ~ to open it;