A bag of small, but positive and long-awaited news is much more pleasant than one single big good news update, isn’t it? Adding FW 190 to early access would have been dull and even boring for you. So why don’t we wait for it for another 2 or 3 weeks and simply enjoy what we have due to this weeks’ achievements.

First of all, good news for pragmatic, prudent virtual pilots: the Standard edition will stay in the Store and keep its price until the game release later in September 2014. Note that the two extra planes can always be purchased separately. You can buy both or the one you like most - you decide. First, the La-5 - goes on the virtual store shelf in a few days at the end of the month. Then the Fw-190 A-3 will become available as soon as it’s ready and becomes playable in BOS.

Meanwhile we decided to give you a rather small and symbolic, but still important gift: Founder status along with golden and silver bars will be presented to anyone who buys the game before the launch in September 2014. You’re the most loyal community that our project has, so we just can’t overlook your heartfelt belief in the game and your participation in development.

Those who have no time to read forum news on Mondays should be informed that we announced a new flight sim project called ILya Muromets which is devoted to the history of military aviation usage by the Russian army on the south-west front of WWI. The star of the show will be the unique Sikorsky designed aircraft that introduced large four-engine bombers to aerial warfare. You can find more info about the project at the official website: http://ilyamuromets.net. And of course, feel free to ask us questions about it and engage in discussion in the official forum: http://ilyamuromets.net/forum

To know more info about the up-coming update and to see a pack of new screens from our artists, please visit the forum


Today we publish answers to the most interesting and important questions of the forum community. Friday game update is still being worked at, and it will be released later this Friday. Don't expect big content updates, it's mostly about bug fixes and improvements.

Some of the most topical questions that have been answered:

  • How will the single-player campaign work?
  • When will players have the full mission editor?
  • Will dedicated server be given to players someday this summer, before the release?

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Summer, the last season that divides us from the release date is coming really soon. And the remaining 3 months are going to give all the early access owners a chance to try almost every one of the game’s feature before the launch later in September. Today's update is mostly fixing the bugs that have been reported during the past week. Also, we have enabled air resistance to gun and bomb pods and added new features to the MP stats system, etc..

Since this week’s game version is not rich in changes we decided to get a bit educational. Firstly, we publish a guide that would help amature bomber pilots to get better aquanted with the Pe-2 bomb sight.

Secondly, many of you already know about the Network settings in the game menu. This is where you can apply the most effective parameters for received and sent traffic. This section of the Settings is specifically useful in these two cases: you have a very fast unlimited internet and you’d like to take the best from the game; or you have slow internet and connection is not reliable, but you want to play with comfort and enjoy playing without “warps”, “teleportations” and so on.

And thirdly, we announce the list of unlockable modifications for Fw 190 A-3 fighter which is going to be available in Early Access in a few weeks.

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To all who have been watching how our project evolves and have taken part in the Early Access including those that are labeled as Founders - we are glad to inform you that we’re entering the final stage of development of IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad.

Today, a new stage of development is upon us – the Beta-version stage. The Alpha version is a cast copy of the project, it’s a shadow with the original forms merely sketched. The Beta version already has all key elements and the game is practically ready to be released - it just needs to be tested and tweaked. Our game will remain in the Beta stage for the whole summer of 2014. All this time will be spent for testing and quality assurance procedures. lL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad will be released in September 2014.

Although not our original planned release date, we decided to prepare the game properly so we could present it to the worldwide flight sim community with pride. And your support and attention has proven us that the future of our project is worth fighting for despite all circumstances. Rest assured that the rest of the path will be exciting too.

Firstly, we received numerous requests to make Standard edition available again, so we agreed to put it back in the store until June 18th. All the details about the two different editions are available on our site. Secondly, as a sign of gratitude for your trust and great support we decided to give the Founders tag to everyone who bought the game from November 2013 till May 2014. Because that way you can be recognized as someone who made the rebirth of your favorite gaming genre possible!

Today we give you soviet fighter La-5 for the early access. It's one of the two premium planes in our project. This means that golden Founders and early access owners will be able to try the plane in a few hours, but players with Standard edition already have time to plan purchasing La-5 in future. Both La-5 and Fw 190 A-3 will be available in our store in the end of June.

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Traditionally the dev blog that announces adding new planes is the most welcomed and appreciated. Well, it’s that kind of dev blog today because tonight we give you Bf-109 G-2 and put the Yak-1 into multiplayer. Our tests of the Gustav showed us that it’s a strong fighter and the long-awaited release of the Yak in MP was necessary to help equal the chances of Soviet pilots. Both planes will become available today on all MP servers.

Beside the new planes, we present you a new variation of the clouds that actually have been shown earlier this week. The work is not yet complete however and your feedback mostly proves that we’ve been moving in the right direction and all that’s left to do is to improve the current result.

Also speaking of technologies: today’s update is going to include multi-GPU support for nVIDIA and AMD hardware. So, using two or more video-cards connected with SLI or Crossfire will give you a significant boost to performance. All owners of corresponding configs are recommended to turn them on in the SLI/Crossfire settings check out their effectiveness in BOS.

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