It’s hot times in the development studio and there’s a lot of great, new things to be added relatively soon (take Fw-190 for instance). But these days we’re working on something particularly big. It is the campaign mode that is being added into the project. It doesn't mean that it will soon be available in the early access but now this day is closer for sure. Also separate controls for rockets and bombs will be implemented. That’s why we’re going to have to leave the actual version as it is now and keep working on the update. This means that there won’t be a game update today, because next week will bring us a new build which needs to be completed first and cannot be deployed to the server unfinished.

Meanwhile a new version of the official website is practically ready, and it will be launched on Monday, July 7th. The very first thing that Standard Edition owners will notice is the La-5 that is coming to the store. Remember that the Fw-190 is to be added for purchase later this month as soon as it’s available in early access.

The index page is now divided into 4 blocks:

1) Main trailer: the pre-order video holds its place these days, but it’ll be replaced with a brand new BOS trailer which, we hope, you’ll find even more impressive.

2) The Store allowing you to purchase game codes for either edition as well as premium planes.

3) Product description that is now split into 3 key features: Play, Fly, Learn.

4) Community-made game videos: the best fan-made trailers will be handpicked and proudly placed there – which we appreciate so much. Nobody does a better job advertising our products than our community!

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Another week of development is passing by. Some of you may even say that the game is basically complete and we only need to assemble the ready parts and release is straight away. But actually we all here in our small Moscow office (which doesn’t even have windows BTW) and we are totally engrossed with work. Tension is growing every week, but even summer time with its traditional human thurst for vacations cannot break us. I think, flight-sim developers are the toughest and some of the most driven specialists in the gaming world, because if you can’t keep your promise to deliver a new high-end flight sim - then you don’t get to work on a new IL-2 Sturmovik title.

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A bag of small, but positive and long-awaited news is much more pleasant than one single big good news update, isn’t it? Adding FW 190 to early access would have been dull and even boring for you. So why don’t we wait for it for another 2 or 3 weeks and simply enjoy what we have due to this weeks’ achievements.

First of all, good news for pragmatic, prudent virtual pilots: the Standard edition will stay in the Store and keep its price until the game release later in September 2014. Note that the two extra planes can always be purchased separately. You can buy both or the one you like most - you decide. First, the La-5 - goes on the virtual store shelf in a few days at the end of the month. Then the Fw-190 A-3 will become available as soon as it’s ready and becomes playable in BOS.

Meanwhile we decided to give you a rather small and symbolic, but still important gift: Founder status along with golden and silver bars will be presented to anyone who buys the game before the launch in September 2014. You’re the most loyal community that our project has, so we just can’t overlook your heartfelt belief in the game and your participation in development.

Those who have no time to read forum news on Mondays should be informed that we announced a new flight sim project called ILya Muromets which is devoted to the history of military aviation usage by the Russian army on the south-west front of WWI. The star of the show will be the unique Sikorsky designed aircraft that introduced large four-engine bombers to aerial warfare. You can find more info about the project at the official website: http://ilyamuromets.net. And of course, feel free to ask us questions about it and engage in discussion in the official forum: http://ilyamuromets.net/forum

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Today we publish answers to the most interesting and important questions of the forum community. Friday game update is still being worked at, and it will be released later this Friday. Don't expect big content updates, it's mostly about bug fixes and improvements.

Some of the most topical questions that have been answered:

  • How will the single-player campaign work?
  • When will players have the full mission editor?
  • Will dedicated server be given to players someday this summer, before the release?

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Summer, the last season that divides us from the release date is coming really soon. And the remaining 3 months are going to give all the early access owners a chance to try almost every one of the game’s feature before the launch later in September. Today's update is mostly fixing the bugs that have been reported during the past week. Also, we have enabled air resistance to gun and bomb pods and added new features to the MP stats system, etc..

Since this week’s game version is not rich in changes we decided to get a bit educational. Firstly, we publish a guide that would help amature bomber pilots to get better aquanted with the Pe-2 bomb sight.

Secondly, many of you already know about the Network settings in the game menu. This is where you can apply the most effective parameters for received and sent traffic. This section of the Settings is specifically useful in these two cases: you have a very fast unlimited internet and you’d like to take the best from the game; or you have slow internet and connection is not reliable, but you want to play with comfort and enjoy playing without “warps”, “teleportations” and so on.

And thirdly, we announce the list of unlockable modifications for Fw 190 A-3 fighter which is going to be available in Early Access in a few weeks.

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