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First of all, about the upcoming early access session: it's an extremely rare occasion when you won't see anything specific, but you will feel it in a new way for sure. The reason is that our in-game physics has reached a brand new level in regards of aircraft systems modeling. From now on our internal combustion engine model takes into consideration the state of atmosphere. For example: its winter outdoors, the air is cold which allows an engine to perform with more power. Here in Stalingrad it is -15C, so the engines have their power increased some. 

The up-coming early access session is also going to feature new visual effects and graphical improvements on the Stalingrad map, and spotters in the combat missions as well.

As a dessert - here a couple of screenshots with a freshly added graphical effect of the vapour trail. After necessary fixes and tests it will become active and will be featured in the early access.

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We have some good news today, as always. Full HD dev version of Oculus Rift tuning was completed last week. Thanks to our programming team, the game is absolutely compatible with this new technology.

Also closed testing of multiplayer mode started earlier this week, and forum members with Tester avatars can confirm that. Several expected and not so obvious errors have been discovered which we’re going to fix before the game is ready for early access. So you’ll get to play multiplayer in a few weeks (1 month maximum). Outside of MP, the team has been totally busy with new up-coming features, but this early access session isn’t going to present you any new content. So, let’s keep on training for MP a little while longer.

By the way, please note this Preset Optimization thread. We kindly ask you to share with us the performance stats of your PCs running the game on different settings presets. This info will help us to tune the presets more precisely and optimize our software for numerous specific PC configurations.

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The first week after the winter holidays has been surprisingly easy and effective. The team has successfully adjusted to our usual working schedule, so I hope will keep doing everything in time and deliver new features regularly. And today we start the new early access session.

This time we bring you some obvious and not so obvious changes. The first significant one is the main Stalingrad map. It's really large and has lots of objects. That's why we need to evaluate your PCs' performance at this map to prepare smart decisions for further optimization.

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It doesn't matter where you live and in what language you toast - Happy New Year one and all!
The project's team has returned back to work after the winter holidays. We have a lot tasks to complete and here are our goals in the short perspective: Quick Mission Builder, Multiplayer, new planes and the main map. All that is to be delivered to your PCs within the next 2 months so this winter is going to be hot for flight-sim fans.
We haven't prepared anything new for you during these two days since we returned from the winter holidays, so you won't need to update your clients this weekend - please play the current version. Meanwhile we will be creating something new and cool for you.

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Dear friends!

Happy New Year 2014! Be brave pilots and wise warriors, and may good luck be with you always!