Today in Dev blog #34:

IL2BOS team is preparing to present the game to Russian gaming press for the first time during the up-coming national game convent Igromir-2013

The exclusive skin for the LaGG-3 fighter, which was chosen by the Founders, has already been added to the current version of the game. You can see it on the screenshots and in this special video showing its creation.

And also the record of the latest live stream with developers has been published with English captions. This time the devs tell about features of night time gameplay and new light effects.


This Wednesday, September 25th we'll be live streaming again. We'll start at 16:00 GMT, and you be will see something special this time because the entire stream will be set on night maps. Nav lights, flare guns and other useful and eye-catching features of IL-2: BOS.
Our Twitch channel welcomes you at http://www.twitch.tv/il2sturmovik (the Russian http://cybergame.tv/il2sturmovik/ may work for you as well, just pick Original quality setting). As before, the record will be published with English subtitles on our YouTube channel with the next Friday dev blog update.


We're glad to present you the 33rd update of the Devs blog. This time it features a story by Daniel Tuseev, 1CGS Project manager, who tells about the evolution of flight models since older flight sim games and the key advanced features of IL2BOS flight model particularly. Also a pack of brand new screenshots with ground vehicles on them has been released.

The event with choosing a unique skin for LaGG-3 has reached the next stage, and if you are a founder already then simply go to the Founders group now and vote for one of the 5 candidates. The winning picture will become a prototype for the unique aircraft skin exclusively available to pre-order owners.

By the way in case if you haven't activated your pre-order key yet and you've got no idea how to do it, then take a look at the instruction that we prepared for your comfort.

Read the Dev blog on our forum

Vote for the unique gift skin


We’ve successfully distributed digital keys to everyone who’s pre-ordered the game. You can check it out right away on you Profile page and activate your pre-order. Also every key before it’s activated can now be sent as a gift to any other user.

And some news for those who have already pre-ordered the game – we’ve launched a special subforum called Founders Group.
For details, please, click here.

And we also present you the record of the latest live stream with the special guest – project’s Lead engineer Andrey Solomykin aka Petrovich.
English subtitles are available.


Our traditional Friday dev blog update today sheds some light on the issues you've been wondering about in your questions to the developers.
To know about our plans and importance of the forum polls, to learn about the account model and Rise of Flight's recent launch on Steam - click here and jump to the IL2:BOS forum.