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Early access is now open for Premium Edition owners! It's hard to tell how great this day is for the project and how excited we are about it. We have successfully reached this long-awaited milestone on the path of creating our new flight sim! Everyone who has pre-ordered or purchased the Premium Edition with early access has been invited to become the first virtual pilots in Battle of Stalingrad.

The game is still at an early stage of development as we are in the middle of completing the next generation product of the legendary IL-2 Sturmovik flight sim series. Now that this important first step has been made we're excitedly waiting for your feedback and comments. We're eager to know how successful this 11 months of hard work will be.

In the past few days your profiles at have been updated and game download links have been added. And now Premium edition owners can login to the game and finally embrace the frosty skies of IL2:BOS!

All early access details as well as discussion threads are waiting for you HERE


Dear friends,

We have decided to postpone the start of the early access for one week and invite you to play IL2BOS on November 19th. This day 71 years ago the "Uran" operation started, it played a great role in the Battle of Stalingrad and in the entire war on the Eastern front.

Note that November 11th is the last day when the Pre-order program is still active - with its special bonuses and at the old price. So there's still a couple of days when you can join the Founders program by pre-ordering Premium or Standard editions. After that, on November 12th we officially enter the Early access stage.

To learn the details about it, read devs' answers to frequently asked questions and watch the newest gameplay video featuring LaGG-3, please, visit our forum.



Today is Friday, almost the last one where we still know more about the game than you because you still haven't gotten your hands on it. Everything so far has been going fine and we're expecting no major issues. However, your reaction to all news is very sharp and you will no doubt insist on significant changes during the course of development. We listen very carefully and of course we're aware of all the concerns you've expressed.

November 12-14 will become the dates of the very first early access session. And today you will learn about the game assets that will become available to you.

Also today we’re glad to show you the result of our work at the gift skin for Bf 109 F-4.

To read the new developer blog now and download Bf 109 F-4 wallpapers, please, visit our forum.


Starting today and until D-day itself, our Developer Blog will be about the up-coming early access. There have been a lot of questions and one blog note will surely not be enough for us to inform you properly. We'll try to cover everything in time. Today you will know general details about the early access and how it's going to be provided.

Please, visit the Developer Diary thread to learn more about it.

Also don't miss this very first in-game footage showing IL-2 AM-38 in the alpha-version of IL2BOS. Check it out on our YouTube channel:


The pre-order program will be shut down on November 11th, which means that everyone wishing to become the IL2:BOS Founder has about 4 more weeks to obtain the pre-order and all the bonuses it guarantees. Within a few days after November 11th the early access will be open; all necessary details about it and how it’s going to happen will surely be announced beforehand.

When the pre-order program closes our store will be updated and it will offer only the Premium Edition for the price of $94.99. Purchasing it will instantly grant the owner an invitation to the early access program, but unfortunately it will not provide them with bonuses and special community status of the Founders. We've also set the price for the game at launch in spring 2014: $59,99 for Standard edition and $99,99 for Premium edition.

This is a big step forward for the project as it carries us into the next development stage. We’re very grateful to everyone who helped us make this step.
Read the fresh Dev blog note

Here we suggest you a short gameplay video showing the on-going multiplayer tests in IL2BOS: